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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Britney's Wacky Conduct Gets Her Kicked out of Celeb Hotspot Hotel

Pop princess Britney Spears is not yet over the MTV VMAs fiasco, but she already has another humiliation to deal with after she was kicked out of LA's exclusive Chateau Marmont hotel.The pop singer was told she was not welcome at the celebrity hotspot after a string of complaints about her "odd behaviour". According to staff at the hotel, Spears is also banned from the property as well.

The hotel acted before she made a huge scene.Hotel and restaurant customers complained to management that Spears' was walking up and down hallways and swearing food over her face. One witness reported, "she would walk, turn, and then just stand there in a daze." Management confronted the singer and decided to asked her to leave.

"The diners were disgusted. You wouldn't expect that from a teenager in a fast-food joint. Royalty have dined in this restaurant. Her behaviour was totally unacceptable," The Sun quoted a source, as saying. At the same time negotiations between Britney Spears' camp and Emmy producers have ended, as Spears refused to appear on the awards event which took place on September 16.

To add to her misery, Britney could lose custody of her two sons within in the next 24 hours thanks to a Los Angeles attorney bringing a "secret" witness to court for the custody battle between the troubled pop star and ex-husband Kevin Federline.Attorney Gloria Allred last week signed a declaration from a witness, described as a man who has had close observation of Spears's behaviour with her kids, with the court, FOX News reported.

Britney's Wacky Conduct Gets Her Kicked out of Celeb Hotspot Hotel


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