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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

50 Cent Caught in Cocaine Scandal in Croatia

World-famous rapper 50 Cent has been caught up in a cocaine scandal after he was busted when a news reporter burst into his dressing room unexpectedly, a YouTube footage of Croatian national TV shows. Croatian reporter Ante Batinovic was waiting at the front of the star's dressing room to interview him live on one of the nation's main news programs just before the start of the rapper's performance in Zagreb. But when Batinovic walked into the room in the background viewers can see 50 Cent and two friends leaning over a table looking as if they are snorting a substance, reported to be a line of cocaine.

The reporter was quickly rushed out of the room before 50 Cent emerged less than a minute later to talk to Batinovic. The rap star claimed he and his team members were just looking at a laptop screen.In an interview, given shortly after the scandal burst, 50 Cent slammed his recent visit and to Croatia, saying he will never return to Zagreb."They are lucky I showed up there the first time," said the famous rapper, explaining that he is not bothered at all by the whole media splutter over heavy drugs.He briefly explained that he sees the selling of cocaine as any other business. However, he did not give comments on Croatians, he stated that he has no intention to go back, and his career will surely carry on well if he never appears there again.

50 Cent Caught in Cocaine Scandal in Croatia


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