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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Britney Spears Strips, Steals Wig from LA Adult Store

Erratic Britney Spears has been accused of shoplifting a wig just hours after stripping down to try on a pair of knickers in a LA adult store, the Daily Mail reported. After an altercation with staff, the singer took a wig and left without paying for it. It also says that while in the store Spears, 25, picked up some briefs and headed for the changing rooms but was told she could not try them on.

"They told her they don't allow people to try on underwear and she was really upset," a witness said.Then the pop star decided to take off her own underwear - in the middle of the shop floor - before trying on a pair of pants. Later Britney paid for her purchases with a credit card but on the way out she allegedly went up to a mannequin, snatched its wig, and stole it.Meanwhile Britney and her ex-boyfriend and music producer JR Rotem have denied rumours that she is pregnant again."There is absolutely no truth to this," Rotem said in a statement.

Britney Spears Strips, Steals Wig from LA Adult Store


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