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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ryan Phillippe's Roving Eye

Once a cheater, always a cheater!

Ryan Phillippe - who left wife Reese Witherspoon in 2006 to pursue Abbie Cornish - apparently ditched his mistress/girlfriend at Cannes to party with some blondes in the VIP areas of some cheesy club and was later spotted in the wee hours of the morning hanging out with Ne-Yo.

At lunch the next day, Cornish was nowhere to be seen, even though the couple had come to the film fest together.

Cheaters never prosper!

Ryan Phillippe's Roving Eye


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busted! Fehking On The Queen's Lawn

Exhibitionism at its finest!

A drunk couple wandered from a London restaurant all the way onto the front lawn of Windsor Castle last weekend and couldn't keep their hands off each other!

The two started having sex in front of a group of Japanese tourists!!!

Their fucky fucky times were promptly shut down by police, but not before guards at the home of Queen Elizabeth II caught a peek!

"One window from the guardroom opened up and when a soldier saw what was going on he told his mates — and lots of windows opened up," an observer reported.


The queen was home at the time of the impromptu bone session but has no intention of commenting on the issue.

There's no way she didn't steal a quick glance!!

Busted! Fehking On The Queen's Lawn