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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Something doesn’t sound right.

Angelina Jolie’s obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann is going to hold a press conference late this afternoon. We have no idea what the hell he is going to announce. I hope it’s birth of the twins…but why would he need a conference? In Angelina’s last birth, they didn’t hold a conference…why would they hold one now? What makes this different? Angelina checked in at a French Riviera hospital on Sunday and was expected to give birth…Brad was seen leaving the seafront Lenval hospital Wednesday morning. Weird…why would he leave?

Hmm. Time to wait for this press conference- hopefully everything is fine.

UPDATE!!!: The conference wasn’t amazing. The doc said that Angelina is fine, so are the chosen ones, they will arrive in a few weeks. Blah blah blah…



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